UM System Support

In addition to the sale of hardware, in 1995, we launched our CAD/CAM Support Division providing complete software support. For our customers who use CAD/CAM tools we strive for universalized technology and satisfaction. We support our customers with products that create new value-added for their manufacturing information.

CAD/CAM Planning

Ueda Machine Tools applies its broad expertise as a general mold equipment company to the planning and design of all kinds of software. We collaborate with our customers to deliver a final product tailored to what they want and need. For example, we plan and deliver software customized for specific products, and we also perform demonstrations and set benchmarks so that we deliver products finely-tuned to our customers’ preferences.

CAD/CAM Technical Support

After the training for a CAD/CAM system is complete and the system is up and running, we handle operation and maintenance, including answering software questions and delivering version updates.

Traning(Class training and onsite training) We conduct CAD/CAM classes for our main support products. Moreover, after initial installation, we also conduct training to deal with the complications that can actually occur related to version updates and application. Our small group system can fit our customer’s schedule and preferred training site, ensuring flexible CAD/CAM operation guidance.
Delivery and installation We deliver and install the product.
Annual maintenance Users who have a software maintenance agreement with Ueda Machine Tools can use our support service. We are committed to providing thoughtful, thorough, and fast service.
Operation and installation support Besides assessing the current state of development, production, and manufacturing processes and proposing the best way to install and operate the application, we provide complete installation and operation support. We focus on the target issues from among the various technical issues that the customer wants to resolve by introducing CAD/CAM/CAE and installing equipment and collaborate closely with them on achieving a solution. Our goal is to enhance the customer’s design and manufacturing capability and increase efficiency.


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