Message from the CEO

Our company creed at Ueda Machine Tools is based on “integrity,” our company philosophy guided by the principles of "contributing to the common good," "earning trust," and "vision." Our customers are our foundation, for whom we strive in close partnership with manufacturers to achieve innovative product workmanship. Today, thanks to the support of all of you, we continue to prosper as a company.
When the Japanese government designated metallic dies and molds as an important industry, our founder, Seichi Ueda, dedicated his life to establishing a mold equipment general trading company as a way to development Japanese industry.
In recent years, globalization has reshaped the industry and led to severe price competition, and in Japan, where product workmanship is a tradition, precision machining technology and innovation has led to the emergence of a "Japan brand".
As we look back, we can be satisfied about our many accomplishments in the field of precision machining.
And as we look ahead to a new era we remained steadfastly committed to providing total support to our customers, from information to maintenance and service.

Shuhei Ueda
President and CEO
Ueda Machine Tools CO.,LTD.


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